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Anek Lines

Welcome to ANEK Lines sub – website.


Like our vessels we believe that you will find our site interesting and friendly. With our 11 vessels and 36 years experience we guarantee you a unique and pleasant voyage that will surely be unforgettable.

Tradition, pride and the famous Cretan hospitality will impress and accompany you during your voyage on any of our vessels from our modern fleet, that continues to gain the trust and respect of all our passengers.

ANEK LINES welcomes you to her fleet and wishes you a unique and unforgettable trip!

ANEK LINES experienced and qualified crew will see to it that you, our passengers, enjoy the comfort, luxury and high quality service which has made us your preferred choice for the last 36 years.

ANEK LINES by continually upgrading its services and renewing its fleet has achieved the ultimate in comfort and security.

Our super modern ships travel to a variety of destinations both domestic and abroad.

We promise to take you to your final destination by the quickest
and most enjoyable route possible !

Our Offers :

20% discount for British Forces / UN / Military bases, in Cyprus.

30% discount on return fares. The discount is valid only when both go and return tickets are issued simultaneously. In the present price list the deduction has been already calculated.

20% discount for the young passengers up to 26 years old that travel on DECK and ATS seats. The discount is valid throughout the year.

10% discount on families. For three or four person families that travel in the categories A3, AB3, A4, AB4. The discount is valid only for adults while for children between 4 and 12 years old the 50% discount is issued

10% discount for persons over 60 years old at all categories, throughout the year. The discount is valid only for passengers and not for their vehicles.

20% discount for Greek proffesors and their families, lecturing abroad.
(not valid during high season)

20% discount for Greek employees in International Organizations or Greek Embassies, working abroad.
(not valid during high season)

10% discount on domestic fares that are carried by ANEK LINES, ANEN LINES, LANE LINES, DANE LINES and NEL LINES. The discount is valid throughout the year for passengers that issue simultaneously both their domestic and abroad tickets, and is valid for their vehicles as well.

100% discount for children under 4 years old travel. Not entitled to a bed.

50% discount for children under 4 years old with bed.

50% discount for children from 4 to 12 years old.

Breakfast is offered free of charge when travelling in LUX category cabins.

General Notes :

Special discounts-offers are not cumulative. In case that passengers qualify more than one discount, only the greater discount is valid.

For OPEN DECK reservation, charge is due the length of the vehicle

To qualify for all the special offers and surprises which we offer on our vessels you must present necessary documentation on the reception of the vessel during embarkation (ID, passport, marriage certification etc)