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Troodos Classique (Villages and landscapes of the central Troodos Mountains)

Take 4×4 journey to the vast pine forests of the Central Troodos Mountains. This is Cyprus highest landscape, where jagged volcanic peaks reach elevations ranging between 1500m and 1900m. Of course, it takes a while to gain those heights, but we achieve this in a relaxed manner by using a combination of small asphalt road and well-maintained dirt tracks to provide a unique off-the-beaten-track transition from sea level to mountainous interior. Along the way, we enjoy several stops in villages and at spectacular viewpoints and there is ample opportunity to get out of the vehicle for short strolls amongst the vineyards and prices that characterize these “classique” Troodos environments.

Special interests: Traditional architecture, forestry, wine making, great food, botany high altitudes, medieval churches.