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Larnaca located in south central Cyprus has the main International Airport of the island. That is where most likely you will set your foot first. Larnaca it’s a resort city too with its own unique attractions.

Phinikudes(palm-trees), it’s one of my favorite, a pedestrian palm-tree line sea front road stretch for about 2km, it’s a place where you can take a walk, shop for souvenirs or just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.

At the south end of phinikudes you can go visit the Larnaca Fort which now is used as a museum. You can also view the harbor from the ramparts where cannons once fired at the enemies ships.

The Church of Lazarus, one of the oldest church in Cyprus built over the tomb of St. Lazarus. After Jesus raised him from the dead, he came to Cyprus where he became the bishop of Kition before dying.

Kiti, a village 10km west of Larnaca it’s the home of Panayia Angeloktistos church where a visitor can admire the nice Byzantine mosaics. Here you can see one of the best mosaic in Cyprus shown the Virgin Mary holding the baby Christ flanked by the archangels Michael and Gabriel.

Kamares(Arches), an old aqueduct built to provide Larnaca with water. It surfaces in a gully along the highway to Limassol.

And finally, Khirokitia, a village dates back to Neolithic times, one of the oldest sites in Cyprus.

Hotels in Larnaka: