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Lying in the center of the island, Nicosia has been the capital of Cyprus since the twelfth century. It’s also the largest city on the island and the only one built inland. The ‘Old’ part of Nicosia is surrounded by walls which were constructed by the Venetians to protect the city against invaders.

Famagusta Gate, one of three entrance gates, was the main entrance to the city. These days is used as a cultural center, which hosts exhibitions, music and dance performances as well as other cultural events.

The Cyprus Museum contains archaeological findings from all over Cyprus dating back to Neolithic Period and the early Byzantine Period. It also exhibits Cypriot pottery, clay and stone sculptures, bronze and jewelry.

The Archbishop’s Palace is the center of Cyprus Orthodox Church and also houses the Byzantine Museum.

Laiki Yitonia, an area of the city restored to as was in the 1920’s. There you can find small cafes, taverns, workshops and souvenir-shops. A typical example of old Cypriot urban architecture.

Cyprus Handicrafts Center, is located at the entrance to the modern day Nicosia and is the place to go see how they practice traditional arts today much like they did years ago.

Barbed wires and roadblocks now divide Nicosia into North and South after the Turkish invasion in 1974.
Nicosia is the only divided capital city in the world since the invasion of Turkey in 1974.

Hotels in Nicosia: