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Greece & Greek islands

Destination GREECE

The ports of Ulysses: Are you looking for a unique experience in the Mediterranean space? Plan a trip to Greece, to the ports of Ulysses, the mythical country of Homer and dreams! The country of sun and beauty. Country of a thousand colours, flavours and fragrances. We invite YOU to become Ulysses and start your own Odyssey of fun, entertainment and acquaintance with other places and people. For your sortie this year we have the following proposals:


Mother city of civilization. The modern but also classical capital of Greece, the city with deep legacy and heritage, the golden age of Pericles when the miracle took place with the construction of most of its Monuments like the Parthenon…


From € 125


The bride of Thermaikos & CHALKIDIKI Thessaloniki is a very different city from Athens but no less sophisticated and (some might say) culturally superior. The influence of the east is more pronounced, not just in the delicious food, but in the relaxed lifestyle. The nightlife in Thessaloniki is exceptional, the bars and clubs play great music. The restaurants and ouzeries are among the best in Greece…


From € 145

Lesvos (Mytilini) Island

Gift from nature

Lesvos or Mytilene, as people call it from the capital’s name, has  everything. Mountains, valleys, green lands, magnificent caves and endless shores…


From € 448

Chios Island

The fragranced island of the Aegean

The smell of masticha and the saltiness of the sea, dominate the whole island. While the rich forests and long beaches of Chios fill the sight of travelers with colours, to spend their holidays in the Aegean-sea paradise. During your stay in Chios you will enjoy the warm hospitality of the inhabitants, you will try the local cuisine and products of the island…


From € 378

Lipsi Island

Lipsi are a cluster of islands in the southeastern Aegean and are found north of Leros and east of Patmos. Their collective name is taken from the name of the largest island Lipsi or Lipso...


From € 458

Patmos Island

An island blessed by God and Nature…

Patmos, an island dressed in the Aegean colours, blue and white. Religion is an important part of the islands culture which is often called The Jerusalem of Aegean. Here, the great Apocalypse was written by St. John in 95 B.C…


From € 388

Karpathos Island

Unique journey back in time! Visiting Karpathos island is like visiting another world! Karpathos, high and mighty, is situated between Crete and Rhodes, in the middle of the Carpathian Sea. After a long boat trip, you find yourself on this mountainous island which is difficult to reach, but is definitely the most beautiful of all the Dodecanese islands…


From € 398

Anafi Island

Paradise of Cyclades. Anafi Island is at a far remove from the rapid pace of modern development, at the edge of the Cyclades, sobered by the Aegean sun and sea salt, isolated in its simplicity. Visitors will fall permanently in love with the unique landscape and the wonderful hospitality offered by the friendly islanders…


From € 432

Halki Island

Chalki is one of the islands of the Dodecanese. Chalki is just perfect for those who want to spend a vacation away from the stress of modern living. The setting is delightful; pretty houses scattered around a picturesque harbour side, fishing boats at anchor, and a backdrop of rugged mountains…


From € 548

Symi Island

Like a painting in the Aegean. As you arrive at the beautiful port of Symi for the first time, it feels like you are facing the panting of a Venetian village. Don’t forget to visit the monastery of Taksiarhos Mihail Panormitis (it has wonderful Byzantine frescoes and wooden temple)...


From € 378

Leros Island

Island of goddess Artemis. A true artwork that hides inside all you have ever imagines for an island, is Leros. Like coming out of a fairytale, Leros is standing unique and incomparable the beauty of the Dodecanese. It is the island of Artemis, the ancient goddess of hunting, and ready to become yours as well. For the last 92 years the very well known water-sport games are organized in the area of Alinta (rowing, diving, classic swimming, e.t.c.) Activities: Cultural activities are organized at the island every summer from the 15th of July until the 30th of August where you will have the chance to observe the Lerians to show off their dancing skills and to carry you away in a unique feast that only ends the early morning hours as well as music and theatre shows…


From € 398

Kalymnos Island

Sponge island

If you choose Kalymnos as the island to spend your vacations, you will be accompanied by the splendor of its traditional colors. You will be impressed by its mountains and scent of oregano and thyme together with of a lot of other scented herbs which will stay engraved in your memory for a long time…


From € 383

Rhodos Island

Island of contrasts and romanticism Rhodes is one of the most popular islands in Greece with more days of sunshine and the longest summer of any Greek island. Home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world as well as the crusading Knights of St John, Rhodos (Rhodes) island today is really all about highly development mass tourism – up to 100,000 tourists a day can testify to that...


From € 383

Kos Island

Nightlife oasis Night life: Kos island is not really the best holiday spot for the dedicated solitude seekers since every summer young people from all over Europe invade the island and transform it into a giant nightclub!

Sightseeing Visit the ancient ruins of the city that are numerous and remarkable, the ruins of ‘Asklipios”, the ‘Castle of the Knights’and the huge tree of Hippocrates (trunk diameter is 11,5 meters!). On Kos you will find some of the finest beaches in the Dodecanese islands of Greece, many of which can be reached by bicycle…


From € 348

Milos Island

Milos Island lies halfway between Athens and Crete. Milos is “the island of colours” thanks to its volcanic origin which offers beaches, rocks and waters of unique colourful beauty. Close to Sifnos, Santorini and Folegandros, Milos Island can be reached by plane or by ferries. Tourism is at its start, and Milos will surely steal your heart while making a restful vacation...


From € 457

Santorini Island

One picture a thousand words. An exciting story of an island that jumped out of the foamed sea- an island cut in half, on the piece of the lost world of Atlantis a world-wide unique archaeological treasure, a popular architecture and the magic than no camera in the world can capture, make Santorini a surprise-island, that reveals the real face when summer visitors have departed, letting it breath its own breath of the sea…


From € 473

Sitia (Crete) Island

Cretan hospitality, tradition and honour. In Crete, Greece’s largest island the Minoan civilization blossomed (about 3000 – 1400 B.C. ) one of the first civilizations in Europe. In Heraklion the capital of Krete is worth visiting the Minoan Palace of Knossos…


From € 380

Chania (Crete) Island

Chania is the best wellpreserved old city of Crete and one of the best ones in Greece with Venetian neighbourhoods and Turkish hamams and narrow cobblestoned streets. Favourite city of the lovers and artists, one never gets tired of walking around the city of Chania…


From € 425

Heraklion (Crete) Island

Heraklion is today a city of 100.000 people. It is one of the ports of the Cretan sea and during the ancient times it was the seaport of Knossos. Heraklion was build in 824 B.C. During the Arab occupation great walls were built and the city was named Rampnth el Hantak and later on Handakas. During the Venetian times Heraklion was named Candia and was an important trading and cultural centre…


From € 473

p.s. On request any Island of your choice

Νησί των αντιθέσεων και του
Η Ρόδος είναι ένα απο τα
μεγαλύτερα ελληνικά νησιά. Αυτό
που θα πρωτοεντυπωσιάσει
τον επισκέπτη είναι σίγουρα το
εντυπωσιακό κάστρο και η παλιά
πόλη της Ρόδου. Όμως η Ρόδος
είναι το νησί των αντιθέσεων
και η ομορφιά της βρίσκεται
ακριβώς σε αυτές τις αντιθέσεις.